SMART Trademark Package

SMART Trademark Package

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SCOPE OF LEGAL SERVICES INCLUDED: The Firm will provide the contracted Legal Services, share with the client updates concerning their trademark’s progress, and endeavor to respond promptly to Client’s inquiries and communications.
  • Here’s what’s included in our SMART Trademark Package valued over $7,650!

    • Trademark Intake Concierge Call ($250 value)
    • Comprehensive federal, state, and common law clearance search (including all 50 state databases, common search engines, social media and domain names) ($1000+ value)
    • Trademark 10X™ VIP Experience which includes search report and strategic counsel ($1000+ value)
    • Trademark Search Report ($200+ value)
    • Evidence compilation, preparation and filing of USPTO registration ($1350 value)
    • USPTO application fee included ($350 value)
    • Unlimited Procedural Office Action responses ($1000+ value)
    • Unlimited Substantive Office Action responses ($2000+ value)
    • Negotiating coexistence agreements which require sixty (60) minutes of time or less ($500 value), (“Legal Services”).


    • The SMART Trademark Package does not include filing your trademark in additional classes outside the scope of the contracted Legal Services, trademark assignments, trademark trial and appeal board matters, or any other matter outside the scope of the contracted Legal Services.All Additional Services will be billed separately at the discretion of the Firm.